Stepping into a new church for the first time can be intimidating and maybe even uncomfortable for some people. You may be thinking, "Will they accept me?  Will they welcome me?  I don't know much about God or the Bible.  I think God exists, but I've got some questions."  We understand those questions.  When you visit True Life Church, you can expect to feel welcomed and accepted immediately– just as you are. We are a lively, friendly church that is filled with singles, families, children, teenagers, babies, and adults of every age.  You won't find perfect people, but you will find people who believe that God loves us, has a purpose for us and desires for us to live in community together as we understand and fulfill that purpose. 

On behalf of our family, we extend an invitation to you to join us for a Sunday or Wednesday worship experience. We believe that God’s Word has the ability to change lives. The transforming message of the Gospel is waiting to be experienced.  Just below you'll find answers to some common questions to help plan your visit.  We hope you'll join us soon!

What should I wear?

At True Life Church, you're likely to find a mix of clothing and all are welcome.  Many of our members choose to wear their Sunday best (whatever that may be) to our Sunday services as a sign of respect and reverance to God.  To be clear, while that may be the majority, all types of dress will be seen and welcomed.  We know that may be a little old fashioned to dress up for church, but we don't discourage it because we never want to diminish the importance of the qualities of respect and honor.  Wednesday evenings find a more relaxed mix of all types of attire as some are coming from work, school and home.

Times and Location?

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What can I Expect?

From they moment you arrive, we want you to feel welcome!  Someone from our Guest Services Team will meet you at the door with and smile ready to answer any questions you might have.  Our Sunday morning worship services include vibrant, powerful worship followed by the preaching of God's Word.  We truly believe that God meets and speaks to us and we hope you'll feel a warm family environment and the life changing presence of God.  Wednesday evenings begin with worship before we breakout into classes for each age group.   Our Sunday services strive to inspire, motivate and encourage you to live for God and our Wednesday evenings sessions serve to instruct, equip and direct you on how to serve God.     

Where do I go?

Simply, come right in! You'll be greeted at the door and directed to the appropriate area for adults or kids.  

What do you offer for my kids?

Speaking of kids and students, click here for details on our children and students ministries.   

Welcome to True Life Church!